not a very fast car

August 29th, 2012

We’re ‘debuting’ – blazing a fragrant trail of trade coffee deliveries – across the South West in our freshly wrapped Caddy.  Look out for our lovely van swathed in its tapestry of cool blue, platinum and of course, coffee-bean brown.

wild times

August 22nd, 2012

easy jose hosted a coffee experience in association with the fabulous Thyme Cookery School – the Cotswold’s Flagship food establishment – at this year’s brilliant Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. The Sunday morning coffee session on 12th August with Jose Melim (UKBC SW Barista Champion 2010) was packed beyond expectation and great fun was had with the ‘wild’ audience cupping some quality Central American filter coffees, including the buttery Finca La Perla from Guatemala and the very cherry Finca Lorena from El Salvador. A limited supply of both stunning filter coffees is currently available in our coffee beans online shop.

start at the beginning…

July 20th, 2011

easy jose’s very first espresso blend ‘We Are Three’ being served to ‘serious coffee drinkers’ at Taylor St Baristas, London. The blend was natural Ethiopian Limu, and two Brazilians – Samambaia and Cachoeira. The result?

‘Not normally a good number unless you’re a musketeer – three’s uneven, it’s competitive, it’s an undersized crowd. Hold the front page. We’ve found three great friends – waves of chocolate and smooth ripe apricots cut about with impressive spice. Three’s never been this good, this balanced or this nice!’ Thanks to Brian Jones for the pic.

easy jose coffee is defined by respect, passion and quality – from source to service. We are dedicated to supplying trade customers with some of the best freshly roasted coffees available.