Why Barista Training is Important

We’ve all been told that practice makes perfect, but can you practice something you’ve not been taught?

Training is a vital step toward reaching excellence, whether brewing a coffee or playing an instrument; think of it as the difference between a concert pianist and a beginner; they could play the same piano but it wouldn’t quite sound…well, the same.

Easy José coffee workshops

Easy José coffee workshops are immersive and fun, we explore the world of coffee from bean to brew, looking at every variable in between. When it comes to understanding coffee and its flavours, we believe in a learn-by-doing, or rather, learn-by-tasting approach. We also believe that understanding where mistakes appear – and how to fix them – is a crucial part of being a top barista.

Hands on experimentation is key to understanding how coffee flavours extract and develop; in our workshops students are encouraged to make, taste, re-make and taste again, constantly assessing every aspect of their coffee making. And, while some answers need to be taught, much of what we cover can be learnt practically, letting the student find their own answers.

We believe that proper training is as important as the coffee you buy – did you know it takes five years for a coffee bean to grow into a mature, fruitful tree? Or that it takes hundreds to people – farmers, pickers, sorters, exporters, importers, roasters – to get that coffee to the barista? A five year journey that could be wasted in less than five minutes.

After all, the customers receives what the barista gives them; so give the barista the best possible training and ensure the customer gets the best possible coffee.